If Its Early Monday, I Have A Java IV In

Last week’s random musings as I caffeinated was nice. I enjoyed having a stream of consciousness not limited to 140 characters (shameless Follow me on Twitter plug.) or staying within the confines of a blog theme. So as mentioned last week, I think this will become a new regularly scheduled post – Monday morning coffee with The Dom Next Door™.

– The Torn saga….where do I begin? I am humbled that all of you responded to it so positively from both cathartic and written perspectives. I also owe a number of you a heart-felt “Thank You” for indulging my need to vent, purge, bleed, heal and introspect via extrospection of a very raw moment in Leigh & I’s journey. We are both in a much better place to continue our sojourn as a result of everything that transpired.

– Wasn’t Leigh’s perspective in Torn Act IV fucking awesome? I am trying very hard to get her more involved in the words on screen aspect of TDND™.

– I know, I know, I know. I have not forgotten Breaking Leigh. Act V will happen this week, hopefully VI as well (yes, its going to take a while to properly tell this one)

– I swear Leigh’s ass, aside from firming up beautifully since we started the blog, is also getting softer, but in a good way. I know you tenderize meat thru beating it, so…

– I think there is just one submitted question for Interview With A Vampire that has not been answered (Gina – your question about Leigh’s ability to have 300+ orgasms a month is on deck.) So feel free to ask away!

– I predict, as a result of my shameless tease, that next week’s IWASV will be the highest viewed one yet (heh).

– My first attempt at erotic fiction So Tell Me took a hiatus last week due to the author being a mental wreck. Last we left Scot he had just been chained to an antique couch by a sex therapist. My return to just being a normal sexual deviant combined with some free time should allow my word count to rise (heh)

– See what I did there?

– I’ve enjoyed a number of very interesting exchanges on other people’s blog via running comment conversations.

– I read the most fucking erotic book this week. Its contents were most delicious. I even got to try some things from it. Highly recommended.

– 200+ total Peekers™ and counting. Wow.

– Scapes are now in season. If you have never had them you are missing out on a real treat. Sauté them like you would fresh green beans. You’re welcome.

– Leigh and I attended a wedding recently. My KINKDAR was going off like crazy. There was one girl who I guarantee does anything, another girl who just oozed submission and a married couple that had a definite D/s vibe. I even got a kinky vibe from an antique photo! I may blog about that last one.

– Want a simple appetizer? Fresh, farm raised radishes + high quality, room temperature butter + a light dusting of coarse sea salt = nirvana

And my mug is empty. This needs to be rectified.

– Scot


8 responses to “If Its Early Monday, I Have A Java IV In

    • If this is Himself….LOL

      Good morning to you as well & thank you. I know its my blog to do with as I wish, but I like to stay on topic. So this is my one chance to just “be”.

    • For some reason this reply decided to appear in the Spam filter. I rescued it all hero like.

      And, keep in mind, that the whole focus of TDND™ is that you very well might have one next door. Who knows?

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