A Thanks, A Poll And Some Numbers Walk Into A Bar

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

First, a thank you to all who have not just made Torn one of the most read stories we have shared but also for all your comments, especially your support. As I touched in Act IV this was a new level of D/s for us. The issues I faced as a result are still fresh scars. With the love and support of my darling soul mate and D/s doll Leigh I am in a much better place than I was a week ago and will better for it the next time it (I can’t call it that in Leigh gets freaked out by Pennywise) comes out to play.

It’s still freaky to think He (I really need to name this entity) lives in me, is part of who I am. Perhaps we all have an inner demon that centuries of society have beaten into submission. No wonder He is so violent when released. Things to think about….

Wasn’t it fucking amazing to hear Leigh’s POV? I have been asking repeatedly for her to become a more vocal and fixed presence here. When she was writing last night (she is GOOD) it was like magic watching the way Act IV evolved and grew. We worked the perfect last sentence together. Her initial word, my observation, our comment. I loved that.

We have discussed the “He Said, she said” approach for a while. Well, I have been but I digress. I’d be curious as to what you, the Peekers™ , think?

This will be active for one week.

Finally, a few milestones occurred yesterday. I promised I would not make any more posts about views until we reached 5,000 of them.

Well, I’m posting. 5,000+ views in our first 51 days. Plus we reached 200 total followers, of which just over 100 are WordPress bloggers and users. Leigh and I are seriously awed at the way all of you have responded. The comments, emails, support…nothing short of amazing. Thank you all very much. We look forward to sharing our journey into BDSM and D/s with all of you perverted minions.

– Scot

4 responses to “A Thanks, A Poll And Some Numbers Walk Into A Bar

  1. Your blog doesn’t *always* need to be one thing or another. Go with what works, no?

    Because ultimately part of blogging is blogging for ourselves.

    I liked your, he said, she said, entry specifically because it seemed like you two used the dual writing as a tool to work through some unexpected/uncomfortable emotions. It seemed like that entry was more for you guys than your readers, in a way, and I think that’s cool.


    As a person who often works out emotions through writing, I find the he/she said thing really interesting. But I won’t vote, because ‘from now on’ seems too… restrictive.

  2. Scot – I’m not answering the poll because my answer isn’t there which is “use it when it makes sense.” I liked it for Torn, but that format can easily become over bearing. I like seeing Leigh, but it would be nice to see her “exclusively” on some posts too. So, my answer would be mix it up.

    Happy weekend to you both.

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