Act IV of Torn is going to have to wait for an evening.

It is not going to be easy to write in that I will be revisiting when I “tore”. If you think this is all hype for what has been a very well received story you can go fuck off and Unfollow me.

Torn was never meant to be primarily for you. It’s for me, to enable me to work through, well, some mild trauma.

I’m tired, beat, and in no mood right now to rip this scar off and bleed for all of you. A cold beer, a hot shower and a warm embrace from my Leigh and a good night’s sleep. Then I will present (more like face) Act IV tomorrow.

My sincere apologies for those of you anticipating it this evening.

– Scot

Shattered Glass

14 responses to “Intermission

  1. Scot – do you. I know what it is to bleed all over the screen. Take that breath and get that hug.

    In fact, here’s one from me!


  2. Take your time. If you’re struggling with revealing it, then don’t. We don’t need to know. Whatever you decide, I’ll abide.

  3. Personally I’m glad that it’s something that’s really for you. I mean, as a newly avid reader, I love reading it, but I can understand where you’re coming from.
    I hope that it’s good for you to face these things.

  4. Postscript – Leigh rocked my world post-shower last night. I honestly had no idea a sheer nightie could be turned into a silk cock ring with a bridle-like handle for her to hold her bucking bronco with….

  5. You do what you need to do, and yeah, fuck those who can’t handle it…your avid readers and followers get it and respect it…

    I’d hug you, too, but I’d be completely inappropriate and then Leigh would have to kick my ass, and no one wants that…but I’m with you in spirit! 🙂

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