Random Musings As I Caffeinate

Just some random thoughts as I chemically alter my system with earthy tones of caffeinated bliss:

– Our most recent story Torn is not what you think it is. You’ll see why I chose that title, and also why I sit here still “torn”. It will be a focus this week, as much for Leigh and I as for all of you.

– I can feel a Torn poem simmering as well

– Upon completion of the Torn story there will likely be a post devoted to its aftermath

– Have I peeked your curiousity enough? LOL Seriously not my intention. You’ll see.

– In regards to my accused teasing, cliff hanger approach to posts. As much as I adore teasing Leigh (oh she HATES that) I do not intentionally string our Peekers™ along. It’s actually Leigh you can either thank or curse for this. Early on in TDND™’s run she suggested that I cap each post at/around 1000+ words to make it approachable to be read at one sitting as well as not obligate me to hours and hours of writing for just one blog post. And I agree. So its her fault if you all get wet and hard and…..until next time

– I have not forgotten Breaking Leigh. Act V will happen this week, hopefully VI as well (yes, its going to take a while to properly tell this one)

– A wonderful benefit to Leigh’s adventures? Her ass is literally crawling right up her thighs as a result of her decision to hand over (heh) ownership of it and her other naughty orifices to me. I doubt any exercise video or routine could have had such a dramatic impact on her gluteal muscles as the past 5+ weeks of non-stop multiples and everything that led up to them.

– If you Follow the blog and don’t Follow me on Twitter please do so. I’m much more laid back there. We have cake…

– We are almost caught up on the questions everyone submitted for the Interview With A Vampire feature. But please keep them coming (heh again)

– There are a number of wonderful blogs on WP that are BDSM D/s themed and run by married couples like us. But, to my knowledge, we are the only one where the Dominant is the primary poster, and a male at that. Hmmm…

– My first attempt at erotic fiction So Tell Me is at about 4,900 words. Something kinky finally happened. Go figure it took almost 5.000 words for me to get handcuffed to an antique couch by a….

– See what I did there?

– For reasons unknown to me WordPress Reader spins its fucking wheels…a lot. So I do not get a steady, reliable source of who has posted what on the blogs I follow. And no, I am not an email subscriber and won’t be. I apologize if it seems like I don’t get around to read what everyone has to say.

– In regards to Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, LinkedIn, Fetlife, Alt, etc……no. Don’t have them, don’t want them.

And with that my coffee needs refilled.

– Scot

4 responses to “Random Musings As I Caffeinate

  1. I recently unsubscribed from all my wordpress follows and switched everything over to google reader. I’m happy with the switch; makes it much easier to follow the blogs I’m into–specifically including those that don’t happen to be using wordpress.com.

      • Do you have a g-mail account? Make one. Then in the top menu, there is a ‘more’ option. Select ‘Reader’. There, you can add subscriptions by entering in the address of the blog. This will generate a list. For each blog, google will pull up the last ten entries as ‘unread’, so click, ‘mark all as read’. Now, whenever someone writes a new entry, you’ll see that in your list. You can either read it in the reader directly, or click the title of the entry to be taken to the blog’s page.

        if you have trouble, shoot me an email. For some reason WP isn’t telling me when people reply to my comments. :/

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