30 Days Of The Dom Next Door

Ooops….we missed our one month anniversary a few days ago. We must have been…..busy. Yeah, busy.

Over 150 combined Followers for us. Easily close to 300 orgasms for Leigh. Crazy 30 days.

We fucking loved it. And you guys.

As a “Thank You” I am placing on one page a collection of the various stories we have and continue to share with all of you. And as you can see from Leigh’s tally  there is much, much more to come. Or is it to come much, much more?

Anyway, we hope that this makes it easier to find our various musings. I’ll likely make this a Page soon. But in the interim:

BDSM Themed Erotica

Thanks For Coming, Please Come Again

Away Games

Puppet Master

Breaking Leigh

Miss Manners

Random BDSM Musings

The Dom Next Door

The girl Next Door

Safety Dance

It’s Not German Opera 24/7

Ying & Yang

Where’s Weirdo?

DäməˈnāSHən & səbˈmiSHən

Something Cold, Something Blue, Something Burrowed, Something New

BDSM On A Budget

The Thrift Store

Interview With A Submission Vampire

Volume One Number One, Number Two, Number Three

Erotic Poetry


Mirror Mirror


Leigh’s Random Musing



– Scot

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