Cracking The WIP

No, that’s not a typo. The authors and writers know what a WIP is.

Its an acronym for Work In Progress. And I finally have a written one. As well as a WC (Word Count)!

I have been trying for a while to find the time to get this story out of my head and into some words. 2,500 of them later So Tell Me is alive. And absolutely nothing kinky has happened. Yet. I’d like to keep that way until around 5K in WC (oh, just look at me using all the writer speak!) but who knows what the characters will do.

Oh its definitely going to be erotica. BDSM erotica to be specific. But not what you are thinking right now. You’ll see. The story is basically done in my mind. Now I just have to breathe life into it.

This will be my fiction virginity taking effort. Dialogue is a whole new world to me. I love the descriptions aspect. And I now know what all of you author types mean when you say your characters misbehave, that they do what they want to. Because right now the female antagonist is most certainly misbehaving. But since she is a Dominant I guess that should be expected.

Yes, you read right. Peaked your curiosity? Good.

And its first person past….

See what I did there? Maybe I can write after all?

To be continued…

– Scot

6 responses to “Cracking The WIP

  1. congrats Scot! And I’m impressed that you’ve worked out the story in your head first. When I write fiction, I normally only come up with the first line and then I’m just as lost as the readers, waiting to see what’s going to happen, I don’t ever know until it comes out on the paper!

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