Breaking Leigh Act IV

(To read Breaking Leigh Act I, Act II or Act III)

I rose from the chair, my heart thumping almost as loud as the same sound being emitted from my boots as I walked over to where Leigh was standing. She was radiant in her feigned innocence, twirling that red lollipop heart on her tongue, her head slightly tilted to one side.

Eyes that not minutes ago gleamed in adoration now twinkled with mischievous intent, the candlelight from the half a dozen wax offerings to our evening of pain and pleasure adding a softness to their devilish nature. She was in character. Oh fuck yes she was on. For all intents and purposes what was about to happen was going to transpire between an older man and a high school age girl.

Make that two were in character. My turn. Game on, you fucking tease.

“I got a call at work. Again.” I coldly and sternly directed right at her, closing the distance between us so that I could tower over her Mary Jane heeled persona. This caught her off guard. Her eyes widened and the blow job the lolli was getting stopped on a dime. She did not know what to think. I would later, post scene, find out that she had no idea what I was doing at that moment and that she actually thought I did get a call at work!

“Our neighbor Mr. Hardwood called me at work. Again. That’s the second time this week.” (Note – There is no Mr. Hardwood the neighbor. It’s just a last name I think is humorously poetic) “It seems that when he came over today while you were mowing the lawn and you stopped to talk with him…that he heard a buzzing sound after the rider was turned off.”

Now she caught on.

This was my hook for the evening. How I was going to justify blistering her ass cheeks so severely that she cried uncontrollably. It came to me on the drive home earlier that evening. I will use that three hours she spent with a gigantic vibrating anal plug in her pussy while she mowed the lawn against her. That’s the rationale for spanking her.

Her big blue eyes grew dim with trepidation, matching the change in her body language. A sole Mary Jane pawed the floor as she looked down.

“He thought the mower was broken. AGAIN!” I seethed at her shrinking form. “And you’re lucky he’s so fucking old that he truly believes that and was simply calling me because he has nothing better to do than come over and leer at you jiggling across the lawn!”

She was visibly nervous. Either her acting chops had gotten a lot better or else my ability to intimidate her had. Perhaps a perfect storm was brewing? The atmosphere in the bedroom was palpable, bordering on kinetic. I hate to be so cliché, but there WAS magic in the fucking air.

“So what did he hear?” I growled.

Leigh paused for a few seconds, then meekly offered a “I don’t know” that was oh so hushed and sweetly innocent. Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. I was drinking all of this in.

“You don’t know, huh? So he was just hearing things?”

“I guess so” she replied, adding the perfect two-tone crescendo that false hope does to caught lies.

I paused for effect, to let the silence speak volumes for my faux disgust at what she did in front of our pretend dirty old man of a neighbor. Even crossed my arms to create a barrier, to not give her access or hope.

I shattered the glassy silence with a sharp “You did it. Again. Didn’t you?”

“No!” she cried back, her voice rising in fear like hounds starting to tree the fox that was her alibi.

“You were playing with…” and I trailed off as I walked away from her and over to The Dresser™ whose top drawer is a penthouse of adult toys. Pulling the drawer open, I produced the aforementioned plug. Returning to her cowering form, I stuck the massive pink plug in her face with “..this again, weren’t you? WEREN’T YOU DAMN IT!!

“No!” she sobbed out thru frantic eyes. “You said I’m not allowed to play with anything unless…”

“Unless what!” I fired back, trying to keep the pressure on her and the environment as high as I could.

She paused. “Unless you said I could.”

“And did I say you could play today when you mowed the lawn?”

A feeble and almost begging for mercy “No….” slipped from her quivering lips.

My cock was starting to surge within the confines of its faded denim prison detail. Talk about doing hard time. Parole would come soon enough, though. She looked so fucking hot in that Catholic school girl outfit, but nowhere near the heat that was coming from her trapped psyche. I’m sure my eyes must have been something to behold at the sight and sounds I was devouring.

“So….did you?” I asked, raising her lowered head with my hand.

The eyes that met mine were, I swear, ones trapped in a lie. A lie that never existed. Moist, soft, pleading puppy dog eyes. Please don’t do what I think you are going to do eyes.

“No” she offered in hopeful exchange for mercy.

I stared right through her. The way she reacted I can only assume that my gaze must have been as fierce as my tone and burning like the candles all around us. Glowering at her, I took a deep breath and let it escape slowly. Siggghhhhhhhhhhh….

“I don’t believe you” was all I said in a hushed, admonishing tone.

“But I didn’t do it!” she wailed, “Honest!”

“Don’t make this any worse than it is, Leigh” was my offer. Take it, I thought, surprising even myself at how deeply I was getting into this. Take it!

With the stubborn determination that I have come to love and loathe about her in real life she countered with a simple “I didn’t do it!”

This left me no choice. She broke a major rule and would not confess to such. I had but one option:

To spank her like she had never been spanked in her entire life.

“Over to the chair. Let’s go. NOW” was my terse and final say on the matter at hand that was going to become a literal matter of hand in a few moments.

“NO! PLEASE?? NOOOOO!!!” she wailed.

I sat down silently and motioned to her with a come hither flicking of my wrist, my lap and bent knees awaited her snowy white ass.

She walked over, hands behind her back, pouting horribly. And, with much trepidation and a little shaking, bent her plaid skirt covered hips over my lap…..and braced for what was about to come.

Breaking Leigh Act V


10 responses to “Breaking Leigh Act IV

  1. Ack! Talk about tease. You just bring me right to the edge and don’t push me over. I love this story by the way.

  2. I literally jumped up and down in my seat when I saw this one come through…and then another cliffhanger…damn you’re good! (On a lot of levels, clearly…lol)

  3. Phew…I got through it ok and probably a good thing Act V isn’t up yet….but I still can’t wait to read it. You must think I’m an idiot crying over what you both shared…its just hit me in the most private place that is guarded by barbed wire and anal probes for all who enter….so its raw…but in a good way. Amazing how words can do that…you are an amazing writer…and I so wish I lived close enough to meet you both. Not in a stalker way lol…just to share physical space with 2 people who share something I have only dreamed of…you have given me hope…someday….

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