Sometime stupid early this Sunday AM, most likely while I was forcing Leigh to yet again laundry in the nude inducing squirting orgasms, The Dom Next Door™ blog had its 2000th peek thru the keyhole. Hopefully you liked what you saw. Honestly, I don’t make stuffing a washer full of soaked bedding a habit. The basement floor is cold on bare feet, not to mention the accidental  brushing of one’s sore, tired junk alongside the freakishly icy side of the top loader. Actually, I kind of liked that.

I’d like to make this baker’s hours laundry a habit. I’m trying to. But no, not there yet.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, a sincere and humbled “Thank You” from Leigh & I. The irony of this following my “Miss Manners” post is not lost on me. We are really enjoying sharing ourselves with all of you and hope that our admissions will encourage others to explore the deep, dark corners in the basement of their sexuality as well as give all of you a new lease on how you perceive others. That maybe, just maybe, I am that guy standing in front of you at the store. Or is Leigh that girl in the office that no one really notices all that much? Or perhaps we’re the couple you smile and wave to as you get your café latte fix, knowing us only as “that couple”.

There is much, much more to….um, launder.

Thanks again.

– Scot

6 responses to “2000 Views

  1. Seriously, Scot, I open my email every day hoping to be notified that you’ve written a new installment. Waiting is a tantalizing mix of “oh hell, what’s he gonna do next?” and “oh yes, I hope he does that next” that can only be 1/1000th of what Leigh experiences. Thank you both for sharing with us. You’re brave to do so. BTW, when The Dom writes, in my head, he sounds like Chris Hemswoth. LOL!

    • I am seriously humbled. Thank you so much for the kind words. I try to keep TDND™ current. I have so much to write about, but we keep ending up behind closed doors, which then gives me MORE to write about…..

      …its a good problem. Heh.

      Now I have to see what I sound like in your head!

      PS – Leigh approves your comparison. She says “Oh hello there Sir!” LOL

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