Leigh Has A Busy Day

The Dom Next Door™ now has, between Twitter and WordPress, over 100 Followers. So this means that per yesterday’s proposition Leigh will be doing something, or having something done to her (in her? on her? with her?) that she has never done before.

You are some naughty, naughty minions. We thank you. Leigh thanks you….she thinks. And oh my fucking God do I thank you. For we already know what it is.

(insert evil pipe organ music)

But, as a bonus, TDND™ also had an all-time record number of views yesterday as well. So for those of you who have been Following for a while you know what this means for Leigh. For you new Followers it means this will happen today as well.

Leigh definitely thanks you all for that! I do as well. It gives me an excuse to put my lotioned hands on her.

A busy day indeed, and all thanks to you perverts.

– Scot


11 responses to “Leigh Has A Busy Day

  1. I’m excited! Mostly because I’m a voyeur and will be able to read about it. Thank you for encouraging my tendencies.

    On a different note, I’ll have to think up a question to ask Leigh. Probably something to do with what she’s thinking during the act.

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