Away Games, Act III

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Her sexy mouth opened wide in a silent “Fuck me” as I placed the rolled up nightie top snugly across it, a perfect fit. I love doing this for a number of reasons. On many occasions what starts out as simple, innocent foreplay takes a darker, more mysterious turn. Under the guise of simply getting Leigh out of her top I’ll gag her with it, which also pins her outstretched arms above her head at the same time. Or I will drape her face with her inverted shirt as a silk mask, again also making it difficult for her to move her arms anywhere but where they are, which is out of my fucking way. That one is really sexy in that her facial features are barely recognizable, yet discernable. Watching her mouth as a solid silk void go through its fuck faces is insanely arousing, especially when combined with her muffled sounds of desire. I actually came once as a direct result of focusing purely on her lips dancing under the taut fabric, making a most unique wet spot of saliva.

But without question the best part of doing this is the muffled sounds as a result of her being gagged. I love the sounds of sex. Of the five senses this is, without question, the one that arouses me the most. And the only thing better than listening to Leigh squeal and moan and plead for mercy is to hear the same sounds while she is gagged. The muted screams, labored breathing, squeals that sound more like echoes…I so fucking get off on all of these. It makes my cock swell just thinking about them, let alone living the experience. Add in the the macabre theatre of her eyes frantic with lust and passion and the fear of yet another forced orgasm…

…well, maybe now you understand why its one of my favorite moves. And as the result of her own pajamas! How deliciously ironic! If she only slept in the nude she would avoid all of thi…..hey now…

But back to our story.

With her eyes locked on mine I greedily smiled. Thats a lie. It was more an evil grin. Yes, a very wicked smirk that would have embarrassed the Grinch. What a treasure lay underneath me, totally helpless to my whims of fancy and pain. I stroked her hair with my right hand, cupping her face as to silently tell her “Oh, you poor, sweet baby….” with body language. And with that final adieu to her innocence, I proceeded to the Main Event – turning her into an incoherent mass of staccato, squirting orgasmic bliss by turning her body against its owner.

Her breasts were stretched out and up due to positioning of her bound arms above her head. So inviting. I love when she is as taut as wet rope in July. It drives me mad, makes me stupid as I like to say. My hands thoroughly enjoyed the feast of her offering in a variety of ways. Groping. Twisting. Kneading, lots of kneading. Cupping each one firmly and squeezing it like citrus fruit, thrusting the nipples out high and hard. Her whimpers, tempered by the gag, were exquisite. Her eyes were already ablaze with hints of the internal freneticism to come, the writhing against the belted prison her arms were in almost unbearable. I thought she was pungent before but fuck! it was almost embarrassing now how badly the room reeked of sex….and her panties were still on!

It was about then I heard “fhppthf ve” from through the satin, now nicely damp with saliva. Curious and also concerned I lifted her top out of her mouth and inquired as to her state, was she alright and what the fuck did she say?

Fuck me

Far be it from me to refuse such a delightful and sincere request. I kissed her hungrily, the spaghetti strapped gag was replaced and my hands worked down to her red lace panties. She wasted no time in arching her hips high to make the task of separating her from her underwear as easy as possible. I laughed at the gesture, but the joke was on me not a few seconds later when in the process of easing them off her I was hit broadside by the now unobstructed perfume of her swollen, soaking wet slit.

Leigh shaves. No landing strip or the like. Smooth as a baby’s skin. Her folds usually project a little outside of her box but this evening they looked as if they were attempting to escape the moist cavity altogether. And were they glistening! Soft, pink, the most beautiful bloom was open right in front of me.

With her panties now an afterthought she spread her legs wide and high, in the process pulling apart those stick sweet lips. That did it. A fucking trickle of her best vintage in many months literally oozed right of her. Soaked didn’t begin to describe it. Now I’m a strong, focused Dom but there are times when you must listen to not only the animal bound in front of you but also to the beast roaring between your own legs. Besides, I could still have a lot of fun with her head while I satisfied one of my own.

Grabbing my almost painful erection I used it to stroke her folds with its swollen head. Up and down, over and over, driving her mad with the sensation of being touched so softly and hot there, but yet no penetration. I knew this was going to take just a single stroke to be balls deep in her, and that she would likely be coming in a few minutes with no real effort on my part.

So thats the hand I decided to play – Slow And Deliberate.

She. Fucking. Hates. This.

Leigh is greedy. Patience must be one of the things she had to forgo to have a hoo haw worthy of being insured by Lloyds of London. She loathes when I fuck her very slowly and deeply while holding her wide open and very still. The only thing she feels is an almost 8″ long dick as thick as a demure woman’s wrist moving in and out of her with the pace of a Sunday driver on their way to  services.

I slid in balls deep in one fucking stroke. The muted scream was a precursor of things to come, specifically her….

Away Games Act Finale

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    • Thank you so much! I am very new to putting my thoughts in word form & have been getting a lot of positive feedback. I will try my best to do my & Leigh’s D/s relationship justice, especially for her.

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