Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I do so love these tongue in cheek, double entendre post titles…

First, a humble “Thank You” to everyone. When I started TDND™ I wasn’t even sure Leigh was going to be onboard with my plans for the blog. Well, as my succubus comments alluded to she is not only on board but right here in the wheelhouse with me, on her knees, her mouth…

Well, you get the idea. She’s i-n-t-o it.

I just wanted to let everyone know we are truly humbled and aroused at the response. There is much more to come. Oh yes, much more coming. A lot more coming.

Did I mention there will be lots of coming?

To that end, a brief peek into the immediate future of TDND™. In that it is “Away Games” and not “Away Game” there are more to… um….well, there’s more. There are 3 more posts in the Away Games saga, tentatively titled:

The Rebirth Of Leigh

The Confessional

Good Clean Fun

Each one of those will likely be multi act posts like Away Games. These four will complete an approximate 48 hour saga of debauchery, domination and submission in someone else’s house.

But wait! There’s more! Also qued up is the first of what will become a regular feature of TDND™ called Bondage On A Budget. You don’t need expensive, specially designed toys that inevitable come (I can’t help it) with Inbox spam to be kinky as fuck. Just a little imagination and creativity. You’ll see.

Finally, Leigh and I did get a chance to play in a formal BDSM scene recently. Yes, one with cuffs and chains and collars…oh my. It was a very special evening. You’ll read about it in Chain Of Rules.

So please, bear with me as I try to keep my real life and my online accounts of our private life current. Good things do come to those who wait…

I said wait. Don’t come…yet. Like Frankie said “Relax..”

More to…..

– Scot

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